Game On…with Rob Kriete – AUGUST 17

I like that there is a whole genre of sports-based movies. It doesn’t mean I like them all, but football, basketball, hockey, golf, and baseball all have films based on or around their games.

So, Burt Reynolds’ “The Longest Yard” is my favorite football film for the record. Filmed at an actual prison, it is a brutal football flick.

For basketball, I would choose “Airbud” as one I love. Of course, I dig “Coach Carter” as well as “Hoosiers,” but I’m a golden retriever guy.

“Miracle” has to be at the top of anyone’s hockey movie list, no? The excellent underdog story of taking the 1980 gold medal from the Russians during the Cold War.

“Caddyshack” is hands down the greatest golf movie ever made. Of course, there are some good ones, including “Happy Gilmore,” but the cornucopia of incredible comedians in “Caddyshack”, as well as how they work off each other, make it a classic.

Baseball, however, seems to have many more movies in the genre. There may be as many baseball movies as all the other sports combined. There probably are a lot of reasons for that, including connections people make through baseball. “Field of Dreams” is a famous baseball film that is founded in connections as well.

Baseball fans have revered this movie since its release in 1989; I am among them. Although not my favorite baseball picture, it is a veritable classic. It prompted me to go out and get the book immediately after I saw it for the first time. (And, the connection to my favorite book, “The Catcher in the Rye,” made it even better for me.) So when MLB decided on a “Field of Dreams” game this season in Iowa, my curiosity was peaked. What they pulled off last week was better than expected.

The ball was carrying, and players were understandably trying to hit homers, with eight landing among the cobs of corn. When the players emerged from the corn field, I must confess, was as cool as I have seen MLB look in quite a while. My colleagues and I discussed the idea of making it an annual event with some great ideas thrown around. Check out our weekly sports dialogue here.

As for my favorite baseball movie, though…
Be safe, everyone.