Game On…with Rob Kriete! – AUGUST 31

I remember signs in plenty of stores when I was a kid that stated, “You break it, you buy it.” Of course, I wanted things to be unbreakable back then.  Those were the days when the great Nolan Ryan was throwing his first of four no-hitters in the 1970s.  He amassed seven total no-hitters in his Hall of Fame career.  Now that is unbreakable!

Even today, Ryan’s unbreakable record of seven no-hitters is three more than the next guy.  While MLB players continue to strike out and take all-or-nothing swings (even when a single would score a run), no one will ever throw seven no-hitters in career again.  Heck, pitchers get routinely pulled from games where they haven’t given up any hits.  So, how could this record ever be broken?  Unbreakable.

The guys at threw around the idea of any MLB player breaking DiMaggio’s record of hitting in 56 straight games last weekend.  Check out that conversation here.  For me, I only need one word to describe Joe’s record, unbreakable.

How about some unbreakable records across the sports world.

Can anyone score more than Wayne Gretzky’s 2857 career points in the NHL?  Last I looked, no one has more than 2000.  Wayne even had 92 goals in one season.  But 2857 career NHL points is absolutely unbreakable.

Or, how about Dick “Night Train” Lane’s record of 14 interceptions in one NFL season?  Perhaps the newly added 17th game helps with this record being broken, but which team would still throw to a receiver covered by a corner who could pick off that many passes?  My question really is, how many interceptions does it take for teams to stop passing his way?  I guess in the 4-5 range nowadays. Even as  I write and think about this again, I think 14 picks is simply unbreakable.  Maybe it’s because the Night Train wore #81 and quarterbacks thought he was a defensive lineman?

Adam Sandler had a hilarious sketch about Wilt Chamberlain on the night he scored 100 points against the NY Knicks.  “I’m open!” he would scream, while acting as a teammate of Wilt’s that night in 1962.  Can another NBA player score 100 points in today’s game?  Kobe did score 81 points in a game.  But that is still 19 points shy of the record.  Yet, with the lack of defensive prowess in the game and the penchant for three-pointers today, I think this record may actually be breakable.  What do you think?

Or what other records are unbreakable?

Be safe, everyone.