By ISM Staff


Guys, I’m talkin’ to you as well as a whole bunch of Buccaneers fans that are not going to be happy with my next sentence.  I believe the Pewter Pirates will not win a second consecutive Lombardi Trophy and here’s my reasoning.

First, you’re banking on QB Tom Brady to stay health for now a 17-game regular season before Tampa Bay even gets to the playoffs.  That’s a lot to ask of a quarterback in his early 30’s let alone one that’s 44-years old.

We all know when quarterbacks go south that they go south in a hurry.  Brooklyn, you’re old enough to remember how the Jets Joe Namath lost it.  South Beach and Mass Man, you saw how the Broncos Peyton Manning couldn’t break a pane of glass during his final season.  Least I remind you, both of these signal callers are in the Hall of Fame so we’re not talking about some average guy calling the shots on offense.

Second, the injury bug only bit one Buccaneer with one that was season ending and that was TE O.J. Howard.  Don’t look for that to happen again this season.

That’s just not how the NFL works.  With another game added to an already grueling regular season, expect more than one player to not be available if the Pewter Pirates do get to the playoffs.

My third reason is the bye week.  Last year, Tampa Bay limped into their bye after Week 12 at a pedestrian 7-5.  After that rejuvenating rest in Week 13, the Bucs didn’t lose another game in route to capturing their second NFL title.

This year, the bye week for the Pewter Pirates is Week 9.  Big Apple Guy and Miami Vice Fella and Nor’eastern Buddy, do the math.  The Buccaneers will have to play 8 more games after their bye week before the NFL second season even commences,  No conducive to winning a title.

Finally, the schedule.  Tampa Bay won’t sneak up on anybody this year.  As the defending Super Bowl champs, their game is circled in the locker room of every opposing team.

Plus, the Bucs are playing a plethora of prime time games.  Not a whole lot of 1 pm starts and that will make it even tougher to get any continuity.

There you have it.  Although I would like to see the Bucs repeat as Super Bowl champs, I believe the deck is stacked against them and it won’t happen.  What say you, my brothers?

OK, fellas.  I am with MM on this one.  The Bucs are bringing back the whole band knowing they still have a window for winning it all.  Sure, the health of Tom Brady is THE most important factor in order for the Bucs to have a chance this season.  But, Low Ball, I do not foresee any dramatic drop-off in productivity from the GOAT otherwise.  I get it, QBs fall off dramatically at some point.  I’d wager that even at Tom’s age, that is not going to occur.

Plus, with these playmakers coming back for another year with Brady, the Bucs could conceivably dominate as they have seemingly worked out the kinks after the bye last season.  Just throw the ball up, and one of these guys can make a play.  The NFC South isn’t great either, fellas.  The Bucs could get 5 wins just within their division!

Certainly the balls bounces differently every season, but all signs point to this Buccaneer team picking up where they left off.  The urgency that seems to evaporate on teams that win the Superbowl will not be be tolerated by Tom Brady.  In fact, I expect the window for winning will serve as the urgency they will all need to play with in order to win it all, again, in 2021!

Adam Sznapstajler

Sorry to burst your bubble, Mass Man and Brooklyn, but I’m going to make this one easy, I hate to break you’re heart all you TB fans out there. It ain’t gonna happen.

There’s a reason that no team has repeated since the Patriots in 2003 and 2004. It’s pretty dang hard.

The amount of luck just to make it to the Super Bowl in the first place is ridiculous. Look at the Bucs last year, it took a close win against a QB named Heinicke in Washington and and empty Superdome to get by the Saints in NOLA as well as a terrible coaching decision plus a spring day in Green Bay to beat the Packers. And that’s just making the Super Bowl. Winning is a whole other thing. Look at the Seahawks in their drive to win back to back championships. All it took was one mistake (should’ve handed it off to Lynch) and the game was lost.

Now you’re gonna tell me a 45 year old QB is going to lead his team to a championship.  I’ll take the odds against that.  As Low Ball said so eloquently, this is the age that QB’s usually fall off a cliff. Are we really going to bet on Tom Terrific this much longer?

You know what? I’m going to be a little naive and say what every Bucs fan wants me to say. We will be seeing Brady launch another Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another as the Tampa Buccaneers float along the Hillsborough River in February celebrating another Super Bowl victory, and here’s why.

Yes, Brady is 44. Yes, every team is going to have the Bucs circled on their schedule. Yes, they got lucky with the injury bug. And yes, they got hot at the perfect time. But I don’t care! The Bucs had a lot go their way last season, but this year they won’t have nearly as much adversity as they did last year going into the season. Not only will this be Brady’s second year with this new offense, but the Bucs kept almost everyone from last year’s championship roster on the team this year to make another run at it. When was the last time a Super Bowl winning team did that? The Bucs had a lot of new acquisitions last year, which made everyone question whether or not they were going to be able to put it all together and figure out how to play together in time to make a playoff run. It’s safe to say the Bucs silenced those doubters last year. Now, Low Ball and Brooklyn and South Beach, imagine everyone having another year with that playbook and not taking nearly as long to get on a roll.

Going back to the injury bug, didn’t Brady play through the whole season with a torn MCL? Despite playing through that injury, Brady led Tampa to their 2nd Super Bowl victory. This offseason, the 6 time Super Bowl champion got surgery on his MCL and says he’ll be able to do more things at the quarterback position that he wasn’t able to last season. I don’t know about you guys, but I really want to see what that means for the only man who seems to be immune to Father Time.

The regular season may have gotten longer, which will make it more difficult for the Bucs to stay healthy, but their division seems to have gotten weaker with the Saints losing Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees. The Saints and Panthers are making changes at the quarterback position, and this may be the season that determines Matt Ryan’s future with the Falcons. I find it very difficult for any other team in the NFC South to contend for a playoff spot, and even more difficult to contend with the defending Super Bowl champs for the division.

This NFL season is going to be an entertaining one for sure, and I’m excited to see the Bucs prove me right and launch trophies from boat to boat for the second year in a row.  That would be a treat, right guys?