By Leo Haggerty


Well, the circus that is college football has begun and I’m not talking about the on the field contests.  I’m referring to the movement of schools from one conference to another.

It all started around the end of July.  The University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas chose to abdicate their membership with the Big XII.  It was reported that the defections were in to works since as early as December.

It was no secret as to where the Sooners and the Longhorns were heading.  Shortly afterward, an invitation was extended from the Southeastern Conference to both institutions.  Makes you wonder, right?

Adding Texas and Oklahoma, the Big 12’s premier football schools, to the SEC would only strengthen the SEC which is already perceived as the top  conference in all of the NCAA. In the BCS era, from 1999 to 2014, an SEC member school has been a part of the national championship picture 11 times and have emerged successful on nine occasions.

Also, you can ignore the power of the almighty dollar.  The SEC recently signed a new deal that’s worth $3 billion over 10 years to televise football and men’s basketball.  That features the top games on ABC and ESPN and would that will go into effect in 2024.

Previously, CBS held the rights to the top football game each week, along with the SEC championship game and pivotal men’s basketball tilts.  Now, those rights pass to ABC as well as ESPN which, coincidently, are both owned by Disney.  Makes you wonder if there was a little bit of collusion between the network and OU and UT.

Well, the Big XII didn’t sit back and cry over spilt milk.  The conference, in early September, moved quickly to add members.  Invitations were put out to independent Brigham Young and American Athletic Conference members Central Florida as well as Houston plus Cincinnati.

This would pretty much gut the AAC of its top football powerhouses. Some possible additions that have been suggested by the media to the AAC are Buffalo and Alabama-Birmingham.  Other possibilities are Army and Old Dominion as well as Boise State but none of that has come from the any AAC official.

Now, it’s a matter of wait and see how the shoe will drop so to speak.  When do this merry go round stop?  Your guess is as good as mine so stay tuned because I can almost guarantee you there is at least one more scenario coming down the pike.