By Adam Sznapstajler


This article was originally going to be a recap of the Florida Gators and Miami Dolphins’ victories last week. However, both wins left the viewer with more questions than they had going into the matchup. Or at least the same questions just a renewed importance.

For this piece I would like to examine the main questions each team had leaving their victory last week and how they can approach fixing this going forward.

Florida Gators

The Gators were dominant in a Bull roast last weekend in Tampa. The defense showed up and only allowed points that USF earned off gifted field position. This field position mainly came from two Emory Jones interceptions. These interceptions, combined with the electric performance of phenom QB Anthony Richardson, has led to a renewed unrest going into Alabama week.

Although most fans are calling for Richardson to start, Mullen is sticking with Jones. I agree with him here. The offense ran when Richardson has been the signal caller is electric, but he has not had to run the same types of plays than Jones has. Not to mention Jones’ mistakes have mainly been from his inexperience making these reads so I don’t see how putting in an even more inexperience passer will help things. I also am wary of diminishing returns by putting Richardson in for more plays so I will have to trust Mullen on this one.

Going into the Alabama matchup this weekend, part of this reason the article was delayed was me hoping for more optimism going into this week but I just don’t have it. I think the Gators avoid an embarrassing blowout but… Alabama 38-21

Miami Dolphins

Just like the Gators, the Dolphins won their Week 1 matchup. However, this one was a nail biter. Holding on to a 17-16 victory over New England, the Dolphins utilized a late Xavien Howard turnover to overcome a stalling offensive performance. This has led to renewed questions of Tua Tagovailoa as the starter going forward.

I think these questions are overblown. Tua performed well against an underrated New England defense that has gotten all their starters back this season. Other than a dumb interception in the third quarter, as he was running for his life, Tua performed well enough to win. I look forward to watching him grow as a passer this season.

Going into this weekend, the Dolpnins face another stiff test against the Buffalo defense but at home I see them pulling off a similar victory to last week in New England. Here I will go… Miami 21-13

Parlay of the Week

Atlanta +10.5 @ Tampa Bay

Miami +2.5 vs Buffalo

New Orleans -3 @ Carolina