By ISM Photo-Journalists


Editor’s Note.  After over a year of planning, we FINALLY can bring you the photo collage we envisioned back before the 2020 NCAA football season.  Here’s what you will be seeing on Monday’s when South Florida is playing at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa and Louisiana State is taking the field at Death Valley in Baton Rouge.

Before you get to the 100 or more photos that you will see below, I want to give a special thanks to our collegiate photo-journalists who covered the Central-Michigan – LSU tilt as well as the Florida A&M contest.  They are:
William Smith – LSU
Kelly Champion-Smith – LSU
Jeffrey Neil Fox – USF
Trace Crisp – USF
Matt Crisp – USF

The “marching orders” I gave our troop of photographers was to capture not just the game but all the pomp and pageantry that is college football from the fans perspective.  Starting with tailgating to the band and cheerleaders plus the mascots as well as the fans themselves sporting their school colors in so many unique ways, we at ISM want to let “the photos tell the story” capture what the college football game day experience is in its entirety.

So, without further adieu, we hope you enjoy our pictorial salute to NCAA football.  Geaux Tigers & Go Bulls.