Game On…with Rob Kriete! – SEPTEMBER 29


Owning a home is always a challenge. There is always something that needs to be fixed, upgraded, or cleaned.  I would say that every homeowner has had that moment where they feel that their domicile is a money pit (like the Tom Hanks classic picture.) However, I have always maintained that I want to fix only those things that are broken in our home.

To that end, the Super Bowl Champs, Tampa Bay Bucs, signed veteran cornerback Richard Sherman this week to try to fix their broken secondary.  Tampa has been challenged with containing the passing game of opponents in this young NFL season, already giving up 16 plays of 20 or more yards through the air. In addition, the Buccaneers are without Sean Murphy-Bunting, who was placed on injured reserve with a dislocated right elbow, and Jamel Dean, their third cornerback. He left Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams with a knee injury in the first quarter and did not return.

Even during their championship season, many pundits believed that the Bucs needed a more staunch secondary, which is admittedly young and getting better.  The unit responded well to defensive coordinator’s Todd Bowles game plans late last year, but injuries have created something that needed an immediate fix for the Buccaneers.

Richard Sherman, now 33, will provide some veteran leadership to the burgeoning secondary and has a reputation as a sure tackler in the league.  Sherman claims he took the best offer but also acknowledged that a call from Tom Brady” helped make him a Tampa Bay Buc for the 2021 season.

So, on top of being a Hall-of-Fame bound quarterback coming off another Super Bowl title, Tom Brady’s affect on the Tampa team has been magnified by his ability to recruit.  Heck, does anyone think Rob Gronkowski would have been catching footballs from Jameis Winston in Tampa?

Again, fixing that which is broken is always a recipe for success.

Be safe, everyone