Game On…with Rob Kriete! – OCTOBER 10

This week, due to Covid-19 vaccination requirements in New York, the Brooklyn Nets announced that Kyrie Irving would not play or practice for their team until he could fully participate.  By refusing to get vaccinated, the Nets General Manager Sean Marks felt the organization had “no choice” but to keep Kyrie away from the team until he could play.

Now, this week’s column is not about vaccinations and those that are against them.  It is not even about the laws requiring vaccinations.  But, what then?

We now have a super-star NBA player, playing in a huge market on a win-now team of elites that is poised for a run at the NBA Finals, and he is being sent away from his team!  And for not getting a vaccination?  Now, I think I have seen it all now.

But, all the Covid issues aside in this story, what do you do if you are the Nets?  Kyrie would not be eligible to play in any home games, not games against the Knicks in Manhattan.  The original idea floated was that Kyrie would play away games where he is permitted and not play at home.  How much fun is that for Nets fans?  Good luck selling that jersey in Brooklyn.

There are already whispers of the Nets seeking a trade partner, but his contract status and demeanor may lead to few takers.  And, is that the answer after all?  What would you do if you are running the Nets and believe Irving is the guy to get your team to the Finals?

I think I ride it out.  The Brooklyn Nets have some great players in Durant and Harden.  The NBA season is a grind, anyway.  Find a way to win games with the players that can play, as well as practice, and let the Kyrie Irving situation be resolved one way or another.  No?  Perhaps the law and requirement change?  Maybe Kyrie changes his mind? I would play the guys who are willing and pivot from there.

But again, when you think you have seen and heard everything is sports, there is always another something to make you go WOW!

Be safe, everyone.