By Adam Sznapstajler


There is a common trope that sports fans are often willing to look the other way at the transgressions of their team’s athletes at the desire to win more games. This issue is rearing its head currently with the Miami Dolphins that is making me uncomfortable as both a human and a fan.

If you have not read the rumors, it seems that the Miami Dolphins are close to acquiring quarterback Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans. Watson currently has not played this season since asking for a trade in the offseason and then more importantly being accused by OVER 20 WOMEN of sexual harassment and/or assault. As the trade deadline has neared teams, like the Dolphins, have become desperate and openly pondered trading for Watson.

I first want to come out and say that I do not want Deshaun Watson on any team I root for. Given the evidence out there I find the victims credible, and the acts perpetrated by him to be despicable.

I do not buy into the argument that we should look the other way for these kind of things in the name of winning. There needs to be a moral standard and while I do believe in second chances that usually involves punishment, and more importantly open remorse. Neither have happened here.  I do not even factor the football argument in when making the statement above.

But since this is a sports post I think its important to examine the football perspective. To put it simply, I find it ill advised to trade for a quarterback that will most likely be suspended a season, if not more. You will be put in a position that you were in before you drafted Tua. That’s also after trading the three first round picks it would take to draft Watson.

The Dolphins have spent a lot of time and work putting themselves in a position to draft their current quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. This would mean the Dolphins will be giving up on him after less than a full season of starts and especially after his best two career performances to date. After a lifetime of quarterback musical chairs, it will be disappointing to give up on the most promising so quickly.

So please Dolphins, save me my sanity and stick with what you’ve got.