Game On…with Rob Kriete! – OCTOBER 27

Giving things to others can often be rewarding and fun.  There is a whole holiday season built around giving to others.  I give out granola bars to the homeless folks I see on my ride to and from work.  Every morning, before I leave, I give each of my dogs a biscuit.  While watching the Bucs-Bears game this past Sunday, I watched Mike Evans give his TD-scoring football to a fan.  Rewarding and fun!

Yet, that football happened to be Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown pass, and probably was a keeper.  For openers, Brady is the first in the history of the NFL to throw 600 touchdown passes.  The guesstimate has that football worth approximately $500,000!

However, the lucky fan magnanimously handed the football back to the Bucs assistant with little to no haggling.  My wife turns to me and states that giving up that football as easy as he did should be worth season tickets for the remainder of the year.  I pushed back with, “No way.”  Proper market value is an array of autographed team items based on what I have seen in my sports fandom.  “But the guy gave up a historical relic with what seems like no pretense of getting something in return,” she argued, “He deserves more.”

While agreeing with her logic, I felt that the standard autograph might be the best the fan would get.  Clearly, Tom Brady and the Bucs concur with the wise and lovely Mrs. Kriete.  Well, the fan got two signed jerseys and helmet from Tom, a signed jersey and game cleats from Mike Evans,  a $1000.00 credit to the Bucs team store, 2 season tickets for the remainder of the 2021 season and for the entire 2022 season, and finally, Mr. Brady gave him a bitcoin!  I don’t think there was a partridge and/or a pear tree, but that might happen as well.

What a day at Raymond James for a Bucs fan, huh?

I would give up the ball for that, for sure. However, I would argue that the fan found his experience with the 600th TD pass thrown as rewarding and fun!

And, for another day, will anyone else ever throw 600 touchdown passes?  Probably not being that the closest active quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, is still 175 scoring tosses behind #12 at 427.

That may be one of those records, like Joe D’s 56 game hitting streak and Wilt’s 100 points, that will never be broken.  Plus, Brady is still adding more TDs and doesn’t look like he wants to hang up his cleats anytime soon.

Be safe, everyone!