Game On…with Rob Kriete! – NOVEMBER 3

Back in the late 1980s, a rock band with, well, lots of hair known as Motley Crue crooned, “Girl, don’t go away mad, Girl, just go away!”  Many of us can relate.  If things are not working out in any relationship, breaking up is often inevitable.  But it doesn’t have to be ugly, does it?

Odell Beckam Jr. teamed up with Odell Beckam Sr. this weekend to take shots at Cleveland Browns quarterback, Baker Mayfield.  Getting the football thrown to him only once in a 15 -10 loss last weekend to the Steelers evidently set the father/son duo into a tizzy.  Their claim is that Mayfield is deliberately not throwing the ball to Odell, the junior version.

Mayfield is still learning the NFL version of quarterbacking for the Browns and has struggled for consistency.  Nine different Browns caught passes last Sunday, according to the box score.  From a coaching perspective, at least the ball is being distributed well.  Alas, Junior wouldn’t agree.  Clearly the conspiracy is on in the Beckham household and no better place to share than the world of social media, which to this writer, is not social or media.

So, now OBJ seemingly will get to go away, again, mad.  It seemed like yesterday that Junior could not find happiness in the form of receptions with the New York Giants.  He went away, and mad, from there too!  Maybe that OBJ household doesn’t have any mirrors in it because he cannot be reflective.

The Browns have asked the social media wideout to stay away from the Browns as they will find a way to remove him from the team.  Would you want the talented but greedy wide receiver on your favorite team?

I’m an old-school guy.  It is clear in every column I post.  Do your job as well as you can with the things you can control.  Catching footballs thrown your way is controllable. So is posting on social media.

I say, Odell, don’t go away mad.  Odell, just go away!

Be safe, everyone.