By Adam Sznapstajler


As I explained in my last post, the Dolphins slowly but surely have drained the hope out of me throughout the season. Unfortunately, this has been the story of my South Florida fandom. Luckily, the NBA has started and there is one team that has consistently made me feel good, and they are doing it again. Not to mention an unusual excitement last week as well. Usually a bottom dweller up until the past few years, the Florida Panthers now seem like the best team in hockey and primed for a Stanley Cup run.


Through the first seven games of the NBA season, the Heat have been the best team in the league.  That’s due to a point differential almost double the next best team and a top 5 offense combined with the best defense in the league. Jimmy Butler is playing like a MVP and Bam Adebayo looks poised to win the Defensive Player of the Year while also taking a giant leap offensively. Lastly, third year pro Tyler Herro has looked amazing to start the season. After starting the season with the most points off the bench ever through seven games, Herro is becoming an easy choice for Sixth Man of the Year. And I haven’t even mentioned starting PG Kyle Lowry and what he has done to stabilize the offense. The Heat are really good and the league better watch out.


Throughout my life, there has been a running joke that the Panthers are consistently five points back from a playoff spot with a game in hand for the entire second half of the season. In 2021-22, it looks like the franchise has turned the corner. After winning their first eight games of the season and then losing the next in a shootout, the Panthers have had one of the best starts in Stanley Cup history. Led by a strong offensive attack and a staunch defense, one of the most important factor has been the resurgence of goalie Sergei Bobrovsky. Despite losing Coach (and possibly bad human) Joel Quineville after his actions during the Blackhawks sexual abuse scandal that has came to light, the Panthers seem like a team that plays well together and should be able to move past that blip in their season.


I don’t want to expand to much on this for my own soul. The Dolphins are just not good. After an embarrassing pursuit for Quarterback Deshaun Watson, the team now turns back to Tua and will act like nothing has happened. The team played hard in Buffalo but the talent was not enough to overcome a few simple mistakes. I think the Dolphins need to clean house in the offseason.  It has becoming clearer by the week that Brian Flores is not the guy and Chris Grier, the GM, has drafted poorly. At least they will have their top 10 pick this year, oh wait, that’s being sent to Philadelphia.