By ISM Staff


Look, kids, I would like to argue the value of the Thursday night NFL game. I think these unnecessary games hurt the sport more than helps. Being a traditionalist, Sunday games with one Monday night game were perfectly fine for me as an ardent NFL fan. However, if we put money over logic and require NFL teams to play Thursday Night Football, they must only have these games for teams coming off a bye week.

Having NFL teams play on Thursday night after a Sunday game is not only unfair, it is dangerous. Players need more recovery time and preparation for their matchups. If the NFL only scheduled these Thursday games for teams concluding their week off, the safety and preparation become a moot point.

The NFL has an ongoing media campaign about their safety protocols, especially when it comes to helmet safety and driving down the number of concussions. However, the Thursday Night Football “protocol” has not been considered, from what I can tell.

So, guys, tell me I’m wrong. The money-grab for another Thursday Night Football game is more important than player safety and preparation. I only see these contests as acceptable if the NFL specifically scheduled only those teams coming off their bye week.

I couldn’t agree with you more! The Thursday Night Football games are notorious for consistently being the worst games of the week, something needs to be done about it, and I think playing Thursday night games after a bye week makes too much sense to ignore.

Teams shouldn’t have to play on Sunday then only have 3 days to recover before their next game. This increases chances of injury, gives teams less time to prepare for their next matchup, and prevents both teams from being able to put the best versions of themselves out on the field on Thursday.

Besides completely abolishing the Thursday Night Football games, only playing teams who have a bye week the week before a Thursday night game would fix these issues. I don’t understand why the NFL hasn’t realized this sooner and made this change already for the protection and safety of the players as well as putting their best product on display for a game that is meant to be a money grab.

Adam Sznapstajler

Well as much as I love Thursday Night Football, I will have to begrudgingly agree here. Besides the obvious safety concerns playing on three days rest, the product is often poor and most of the time a subpar game.

I do agree with Brooklyn that it would make sense to put a bye week before TNF but that would also mean that there would have to be TNF until later in the season, as it used to be.

But let’s be honest, the NFL is more likely to implement Tuesday Night Football on one day rest that they are to get rid of Thursday games.

Brooklyn, you hit the nail on the head with this one and, as you can see, South Beach and Mass Man along with myself all got your back.  Teams that are playing on Thursday nights in 2022 and beyond MUST be coming off of their bye week and we’re talkin’ to the National Football League.

This whole Thursday night scenario forces the NFL to talk out of both sides of their mouth.  First, you hear them pontificating that they are “all in” for player safety.  Then, in the most physically demanding sport when it comes to contact, “The Shield” put players “in harms way” with only three days of recovery time all for the sake of the almighty dollar.  That’s just not right.

We all agree, along with a vast majority of professional football fans, that it’s bad football but, even worse, it’s a substandard product.  What baffles me is that the National Football League Players Association hasn’t stepped in hard and with both feet. Look for NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith to make this a top priority on his negotiating list when the next collective bargaining agreement comes up.

Until then, we are stuck with nine more weeks of the debacle that is called Thursday night football.  We just will have to suffer through it and hope both sides realize its bad and, even worse, unsafe football.

Here’s hoping both sides hear that we’re talking to both of them.  More importantly, here’s hoping there are no catastrophic injuries during these dangerous mid-week tilts.