By Leo Haggerty


Calling a quick audible.  Due to the Thanksgiving holiday and a plethora of football today as well as tomorrow, we’re moving Adam’s column back a day to Friday because there’s some games I want to pick that will be played before the weekend.

I’ll be adding games on Friday and Saturday plus Sunday before their kickoff until I fill up my 16 game slate.  Also, I’ll be inserting the results from Week 11 later.

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving, right?  I want to spend some time gorging myself around the dinner table and watching football.

Below are some of my Week 12 selections. More to follow daily.  Enjoy.

Here’s the arithmetic from Week 11.  LEO’S LOCK (8-3) lost again and that cost me 300 won.  LEO’S LOSERS (31-23-1) was a miserable 1-4 and that hurt my bank account to the tune of 920 pesos.  LEO’S OTHERS (54-56) saved the day with a 6-4 log that put 310 pounds back into my pocket.

So, when the dust settled on Week 11, it was a less than stellar 7-9 record and that added up to 910 drachma in the red.  That brought the yearly total to 93-82-1 and, for the first time in a long time, I had to fork over 606 yen to my short term investment banker.

Here’s hope for two things.  First, a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday for all our readers.  Second, a better showing here in Week 12 to get back into the black.


NEW YORK GIANTS (+3 1/2) loses to Philadelphia (Bet $630to make $300)



MISSISSIPPI STATE (-2) loses to Mississippi (Bet $200 to make $220)

USC (+7) loses to Brigham Young (Bet $520 to make $200)

Texas A&M (-6 1/2) loses to LSU (Bet $200 to make $410)


Los Angeles Rams (-2) loses to GREEN BAY (Bet $200 to make $230)

NEW ENGLAND (-7) loses to Tennessee (Bet $200 to make $540)



WASHINGTON (+1) loses to Washington State (Bet $115 to make $100)

NORTH CAROLINA STATE (-6) loses to North Carolina (Bet $100 to make $190)

Maryland (-1 1/2) loses to RUTGERS (Bet $100 to make $105)

Ohio State (-7) loses to MICHIGAN (Bet $100 to make $235)

Wake Forest (-4 1/2) loses to BOSTON COLLEGE (Bet $100 to make $175)


Buffalo (-6) loses to NEW ORLEANS (Bet $100 to make $220)

Las Vegas (-7 1/2) loses to DALLAS (Bet $350 to make $100)

Chicago (-3) loses to DETROIT (Bet $100 to make $125)

WASHINGTON (P) loses to Seattle (Bet $110 to make $100)

CINCINNATI (-3 1/2) loses to Pittsburgh (Bet $100 to make $155)