By Leo Haggerty


Week 12 took me from bad to worst all due to the Philadelphia Eagles.  If the Birds QB hadn’t thrown those red zone interceptions and the Philly receivers hadn’t dropped catchable receptions plus the Eagles backs hadn’t left the pigskin on the carpet, there would be a whole new scenario.

But, they did.  Instead of being in the black just over 300 francs for the year, I’m now into my short term investment banker for four figures.  Not good to say the least.

So, how did that happen.  LEO’S LOCK (8-4) crashed and burned for the third straight week and that cost me 630 marks. LEO’S LOSERS (35-24) was a very respectable 4-1 and that put 750 pesos back into my pocket.  LEO’S OTHERS (56-64) was a unspeakable 2-8 and that took 850 yen out of my wallet.

After the dust cleared on Week 12, I was a miserable 6-10 and that equated to a negative 705 lira.  That brings my yearly log to 99-92-1 and that puts me 1,311 pounds in the red.  That’s not how I wanted to go into December.

With all that being said, it’s time to turn it around.  That’s one of the reasons why I’m posting on Thursday because there may be some Friday NCAA contests that pique my interest. Also, I can get an NFL tilt before the line goes to 10 or higher.

Here’s my lucky Week 13 selections.  I hope to hit a big double digit winner.


Denver (-9 1/2) loses to KANSAS CITY (Bet $1350 to make $300)



Georgia (-6 1/2) loses to ALABAMA (Bet $200 to make $410)

Baylor (+6) loses to OKLAHOMA STATE (Bet $460 to make $200)

Utah State (+6) loses to SAN DIEGO STATE (Bet $460 to make $200)


New York Giants (+6) loses to MIAMI (Bet $560 to make $200)

NEW YORK JETS (+5) loses to Philadelphia (Bet $460 to make $200)



CALIFORNIA (-4 1/2) loses to Southern California (Bet $100 to make $170)

Pittsburgh (-3 1/2) loses to WAKE FOREST (Bet $100 to make $125)

Kent State (-3 1/2) loses to NORTHERN ILLINOIS (Bet $100 to make $140)

Appalachian State (-2 1/2) loses to LOUISIANA (Bet $100 to make $120)


CHICAGO (+7 1/2) loses to Arizona (Bet $350 to make $100)

New England (+3) loses to BUFFALO (Bet $145 to make $100)

Minnesota (-7) loses to DETROIT (Bet $100 to make $260)

Baltimore (-4) loses to PITTSBURGH (Bet $100 to make $170)

Washington (+1 1/2) loses to LAS VEGAS (Bet $130 to make $100)

San Francisco (-3) loses to SEATTLE (Bet $100 to make $130)