By Leo Haggerty


As usual, the majority of the conversation centers around should the College Football Playoffs be expanded.  Below are my feelings on that subject.

If the CFP is going to expand from a four-team playoff, I believe two things have to happen.  First, and in my mind foremost, the number should be eight.  That makes it a simple process.  The five Power Five champions along with the highest ranking Group of Five team plus two Wild Card entries.

If that was the process this year, the eight teams participating in the playoffs would have been the five champions which were Michigan, Utah, Pittsburgh, Baylor and  Alabama.  Cincinnati would be the highest Group of Five representative with Georgia and Notre Dame the Wild Cards.

See how easy that was?  So, with that being said, I believe that would make the  CFP Committee unnecessary because there would be no need for their services.  Everything would be cut and dried with no need for debate.

Now, my second point is if the expansion comes to fruition, I believe 50% of ALL revenue from the CFP, which will move from three games to seven contest, MUST go back to the student athletes.  The money generated from four extra tilts will be exponential and the NCAA has no way of justifying all of that should go into their bank account.  It’s time to share the wealth.

If that doesn’t happen, look for some individuals with legal expertise to attempt to form what would amount to a union of college athletes specifically football players.  I would bet that wouldn’t be a hard thing to accomplish especially when the obscene amount of money that would generate just from television contracts.  I would surmise that, over let’s say a ten-year period, we’re talking hundreds of millions, and possibly billions, of new money that would be generated by 40 extra playoff games.  That’s a lot of cash, right?

If the NCAA is smart, and that’s making a massive assumption looking at their recent track record especially with the NIL fiasco, this issue will already discussed and a number be decided upon as to what percentage will be allocated to all student athletes throughout the NCAA.  If it isn’t, look for some major changes in the college football landscape to be on the horizon and it may get ugly.

Memo to the NCAA.  Please get this one right.  Not only is it the prudent thing to do but it’s also the right thing to do.