By Leo Haggerty


Week 13 was a bounce back week for me and did I need it.  So, let’s get right to what transpired, shall we?

LEO’S LOCK (9-4) finally broke out of its slump with a victory that netted me 300 yen.  LEO’S LOSERS (38-26-1) was a modest 3-2 but it was the wrong pair that lost and that cost me 110 francs.  LEO’S OTHERS (62-68) was a respectable 6-4 and that added 445 rubles to my bank account.

After the dust cleared on Week 13, I came in with a 10-6 log and that was good for 635 pesos.  That made the yearly arithmetic 109-98-1 and that took a big chuck out of what I owe to my short term investment banker lowering that total to 676 pounds.

Week 14 is when it starts to get a bit difficult for a couple of reasons.  First, only one college game this week and the rest of the schedule will be bowl contests which are extremely difficult to predict.  Second, a propensity of the games I will be picking will be NFL and that is usually my Achilles heel.

Finally, I am freely admitting that my Week 14 lone NCAA selection is with my heart and not my head.  My Dad, rest his soul, was a submariner in World War II and I cannot pick against Navy when they play Army.  It would be a sacrilege and I’m will to throw a way a couple hundred greenbacks away for the cause.  Hey, stranger things have happened in that rivalry, right?

Without further adieu, below are my Week 14 selection.  NFL coming tomorrow and I may be forced to pick some one-sided point spreads to fill out the slate.  Still, going to be two games short so will make that up in the next couple of weeks.

Also, going to wait to add the late games so I can get the weather and inactives. Enjoy and GO NAVY BEAT ARMY.


HOUSTON (-9) loses to Seattle (Bet $1290 to make $300)



ARMY (-7) loses to Navy (Bet $200 to make $466)


Las Vegas (+9 1/2) loses to KANSAS CITY (Bet $900 to make $200)

NEW YORK JETS (+5 1/2) loses to New Orleans (Bet $460 to make $200)

Dallas (-6 1/2) loses to WASHINGTON (Bet $200 to make $420)

Los Angeles Rams (+2 1/2) loses to ARIZONA (Bet $270 to make $200)



CAROLINA (-2 1/2) loses to Atlanta (Bet $100 to make $125)

CLEVELAND (-2 1/2) loses to Baltimore (Bet $100 to make $125)

Jacksonville (+8 1/2) loses to TENNESSEE (Bet $440 to make $100)

Chicago (+11 1/2) loses to GREEN BAY (Bet $700 to make $100)

San Francisco (-2) loses to CINCINNATI (Bet $100 to make $115)

New York Giants (+9) loses to LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (Bet $430 to make $100)

Detroit (+12 1/2) loses to DENVER (Bet $700 to make $100)

Buffalo (+2 1/2) loses to Tampa Bay (Bet $180 to make $100)