Game On…with Rob Kriete – DECEMBER 14

Who cares which player wins the Most Valuable Player award?  Generally, that is my stance. But, of course, usually, the candidates for the prestigious award are half the age of this fifty-year-old writer.  Tom Brady is a veritable contender for the MVP award coming off a Super Bowl season and at the age of 44.  It has been a while since an MVP candidate is within a decade of my age.

With 38 touchdowns thrown and 4,134 passing yards so far this season, Brady is leading the NFL in these categories.  Tom has a chance at his second career 5,000-yard season, and with 17 games on the schedule this year, he has a great opportunity to achieve this feat.  All while doing it at an age when most athletes are working in the broadcast booth instead of recovering fumbles.

The Buccaneers became an elite NFL team the minute Tom Brady signed in Tampa Bay.  He is the definition of a Most Valuable Player.  A legendary player who doubles as an on-field coach bringing out the best in those players on the field with him, Brady has lived up to and beyond his “Greatest Of All Time” moniker.

Tampa Bay, at 10 – 3, seems poised for another deep playoff run, with the opportunity to have the home-field advantage where they are 6 – 0 so far this season.  Ample opportunities for the “GOAT” to add to his legend seem to be on the horizon, and the Tampa Bay Bucs remain excited he chose to bring his skills to the NFC South!

The best players in the league will forever be considered for the MVP award. But, a 44-year-old quarterback as a candidate, I doubt we will ever see again.

How do you feel about the MVP award?  Also, a big shout out to photo journalist Steve Jacobson for providing excellent shots to enhance my column.

Be safe, everyone!