By Leo Haggerty


Have family in town tomorrow so I want to get 11 am Boca Raton Bowl kickoff up in case I get involved in activities.  Look for the rest Saturday afternoon.

OK< I’m back.  Had a great Friday evening and morning with son and his family.  Always great to spend time with them especially two of my grandchildren.  They’re a handful but, hey, aren’t all rugrats?

Let’s take a look back at what transpired Week 14 and it was a good one to say the least.  LEO’S LOCK (10-4) came through for 300 drachma.  LEO’S LOSERS (41-28-1) was a respectable 3-2 and that added 394 yen to my bank account.  LEO’S OTHERS (68-70) was an outstanding 6-2 and that put me 425 pesos in the black.

That made my Week 14 log a commendable 10-4 and that equated to 1,119 pounds.  So, that put my yearly total at 119-102-1 and that computed to 443 rubles that my short term investment banker has to hand over to me.

Week 14 finally got me back on the plus side for the first time in a few weeks.  Now, the goal is to stay there as the NCAA Bowl season starts in earnest and the NFL rolls into their last four weeks of the regular season.

The pressure is on to finish strong and I’m up for the challenge especially now that I’m playing with house money.  Will start to catch up with the two predictions I was short with last week so look for some extra prognostications in the coming weeks.

Below are my Week 15 selections.  Look for some of the NFL choices later tonight and the the nest come Sunday and Monday as well as Tuesday with the Covid rescheduling of contests.


New England (+1 1/2 loses to INDIANAPOLIS (Bet $375 to make $300)



Western Kentucky (+1 1/2) loses to Appalachian State (Bet $220 to make $200)

Alabama-Birmingham (+6 1/2) loses to Brigham Young (Bet $520 to make $200)

Old Dominion (+9) loses to Tulsa (Bet $660 to make $200)

Oregon State (-7) loses to Utah State (Bet $200 to make $460)


New York Jets (+9 1/2) loses to MIAMI (Bet $900 to make $200)



Eastern Michigan (+9 1/2) loses to Liberty (Bet $360 to make $100)

University of Louisiana (-4) loses to Marshall (Bet $100 to make $160)

San Diego State (-3) loses to Texas-San Antonio (Bet $100 to make $145)

Wyoming (-3) loses to Kent State (Bet $100 to make $145)


Tennessee (+1 1/2) loses to PITTSBURGH (Bet $125 to make $100)

Houston (+4 1/2) loses to Jacksonville (Bet $220 to make $100)

Atlanta (+9) loses to SAN FRANCISCO (Bet $420 to make $100)

DENVER ( -3) loses to Cincinnati (Bet $100 to make $140)

BALTIMORE (+9) loses to Green Bay (Bet $440 to make ($100)

Las Vegas (-3) loses to CLEVELAND (Bet $100 to make $130)

CHICAGO (+6 1/2) loses to Minnesota (Bet $290 to make ($100)

LOS ANGELES RAMS (-7) loses to Seattle (Bet $100 to make $250)