By Leo Haggerty


First of all, Merry Christmas to all our loyal readers.  After the frustration of the 2020 Yultide, may this holiday season bring you and yours only joy and happiness.

Since 2003, Its Sports Magazine and Knights Sports Productions have been credentialed at the Army-Navy football game.  No matter if it was in Washington, DC or New York or the customary site of Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, ISM/KSP has been represented.

For 17 years, through sunny skies and unseasonably warm temperatures to hurricane force winds accompanied by torrential rain to the thermometer showing sub-freezing along with a blizzard, my associates and I have braved everything that Mother Nature would throw at us.

In fact, one year we had seven credentials, five press and two photo, which is the record for most issued to one media outlet.  In our pregame stand up, all five of our media on air personalities had the winning team and four of the five had one side of the score correct plus one of us nailed the final score exactly.  When Army Communications  Assistant Director Mady Salvani contacted me concerning the seven credentials, she stated “even CBS doesn’t get that many” to which I replied “that’s because they’re not as good as we are” and, when I sent he a copy of our video stand up “touche” was her reply.

Sadly, that streak came to an end in 2002 due to Covid restrictions.  With Army the designated home team last year, the tilt was relocated to Michie Stadium in West Point.  Because that is considered federal land, the state of New York no-fans mandate did not apply.  That severely limited press box availability plus many of our people who attend are from out-of-state and flying during the pandemic was not an option.

Well, a new streaked started earlier in December at MetLife Stadium in northern New Jersey.  Photo journalist Kevin Nowak was joined by T.J. Sharpe along with Tommy Sharpe as they are photographer in our feature image from left to right.  As you will see from Kevin’s photos, they did an outstanding job of covering one of the true annual collegiate classic and, arguably, the biggest rivalry in all of college football.

I have put together a collage so you can get a taste of the pageantry and pomp that goes with attending the Army-Navy game.  I’m sure, after you check out these shots, you’ll agree with all of us who have attended that the tilt is bucket list.  Enjoy.