By Adam Sznapstajler


We have a saying down in Miami; Dolphins gonna Dolphin. To give you an example of what I mean by this here is a text I sent my friends when the Dolphins had won their second game in a row to get to 3-7:

Dolphins will beat the Jets, Panthers, and Giants to get to 7-7 then need to win 2 out of their next three to make the playoffs. They’ll lose the first then win the next two meaningless games.

Man was I close!

The Dolphins actually got to 7-7 and even beat the Saints in the first of those three games to get to 8-7 and controlled their own destiny to make the playoffs. This is where the I was almost right part comes in. The Dolphins then gave a horrible showing in a must win game in Tennessee, losing 34-3, and got eliminated from playoff contention before Week 18 even arrived.

I will say that this is not really meant to disparage the Dolphins. They were the first team in NFL history to win 7 straight games after losing 7 in a row. The fact that they were 8-7 after being 1-7 is a statistical miracle. This last game lost to the Titans is not the reason they lost the playoffs. You can probably pin that on losses against the Jaguars and/or Falcons. It is just very typical of the Dolphins to lose a game with their season on the line after fighting to get into the “In the Hunt” graphic.

Going forward, the future still is bright in Miami. Although he did not have his best performance (by far) in Tennessee, I still believe that Tua will grow at quarterback and the defense seems to have a consistent base from year to year. It is imperative that Xavien Howard is made happy and paid accordingly.

The Dolphins also have the most cap space in the NFL this offseason and it is definitely needed. The team should fill out an entire new offensive line with competent veterans. Lastly, it is important to bring in more offensive talent, notably a starting caliber running back to provide more offensive help for Tua.

So the Dolphins may have Dolphined this year but maybe next year will be different.