By Leo Haggerty


To say Week 17 was a late Christmas gift is an understatement. With that being said, let’s get right to the particulars.

LEO’S LOCK (12-5) came through again for 300 lira.  LEO’S LOSERS (51-33-1) was a fabulous 4-1 and that put 560 Euros into my bank account.  LEO’S OTHERS (86-84) was an outstanding 8-2 and that totaled up to 380 rubles.

So, when the dust settled on Week 17, the arithmetic was an excellent 13-3 and that added up to 1,240 greenbacks in the black.  My log for the year, after a bit of a slump or two in multiple weeks, is a very respectable 149-122-1 and that computes to 2,023 peso that my short term investment banker has to shell out.  He’s not pleased about that to say the least.

Look for my Week 18, and final, prognostications later this weekend.  Enjoy.

In looking over the NFL game lines, it appears that I will have to pick some double digit spread to get to 16 games.  Plus, the lines are fluctuating as playoff bound teams decide to rest key players as they prepare for the National Football League’s second season.  Sorry about that


Carolina (+9 1/2) loses to TAMPA BAY (Bet $1350 to make $300)



Alabama (+ 2 1/2) loses to Georgia (Bet $270 to make $200)


Dallas (- 3 1/2) loses to PHILADELPHIA (Bet $200 to make $320)

DETROIT (+ 3 1/2) loses to Green Bay (Bet $360 to make $200)

NEW YORK GIANTS (+6 1/2) loses to Washington (Bet $270 to make $100)

MIAMI (+6) loses to New England (Bet $540 to make $$200)



DENVER (+11) loses to Kansas City (Bet $600 to make $100)

Chicago (+4) loses to MINNESOTA (Bet $200 to make $100)

Cincinnati (+6) loses to CLEVELAND (Bet $240 to make $100)

BALTIMORE (-3) loses to Pittsburgh (Bet $100 to make $140)

HOUSTON (+10 1/2) loses to Tennessee (Bet $600 to make $100)

JACKSONVILLE (+14) loses to Indianapolis (Bet $1000 to make $100)

Los Angeles Chargers (-3) loses to LAS VEGAS (Bet $100 to make $140)

San Francisco (+3 1/2) loses to LOS ANGELES RAMS (Bet $175 to make $100)

Seattle (+5 1/2) loses to ARIZONA (Bet $240 to make $100)

Atlanta (+4 1/2) loses to NEW ORLEANS (Bet $220 to make $100)